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Mazak Super Quick Turn 250 w/LNS Bar Feeder 10" x 20.5"

Mazak Quick Turn 10 ATC CNC Lathe 8" x 20"

Mazak Quick Turn 35 CNC Lathe 15" x 59"

Okuma Chucker CNC Lathe 42" x 120"

Colchester 17" Engine Lathe

Summit 36" x118" "Oil Field" Lathe

Summit 20" x 80" Lathe w/taper attachment



Mazak H-400 4-axis Horizontal CNC Machining Center w/Automatic Pallet Changer and X-Y-Z travel of 22" X 20" X 20.1"

Mazak H-800 4-axis Horizontal Machining Center w/Automatic Pallet Changer and X-Y-Z travel of 49.21" x 39.37" x 33.46"

Mazak H-1000 4-axis Horizontal CNC Machining Center w/Automatic Pallet Changer and X-Y-Z travel of 64.6" x 48.0" x 39.4"

(3) Mazak FH-1080 4-axis Horizontal CNC Machining Centers w/X-Y-Z Travel of 64.6" x 51.0" x 48.0", in a Palletech FMS system w/20 pallets and 2 load stations.

Mazak V414-22 Vertical CNC Machining Center W/Pallet Changer and X-Y-Z Travel of 22.04" x 16.14" x 18.11"

Mazak VQC 20/50 Machining Center w/X-Y-Z travel of 39.4" x 20" x 18.1"

SMG DMV-3000 Vertical CNC Machining Center w/60" travel & 120" Y travel

Mazak Versatech V-100 5-face Double Column Machining Center w/Automatic Pallet Changer, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Capacity, and X-Y-Z travel of 196.8" X 137.8" X 39.4" with maximum width of material at 98.43" and maximum height of material at 56"


MILL CENTERS                  

Mazak Megaturn A-16N Mill Center w/2 Pallet Changer, 65" diameter 4-jaw Independent chuck, 80" swing with 76" outside cutting diameter and X-Z travel of 30" (left of center) 40" (right of center) x 50", maximum height of material at 89.25"

Mazak Multiplex 630 Turning/Milling Center w/GL200N Gantry Robot with Pitch Feed Conveyor, standard cutting diameter of 12.99", 22.04" Swing and X-Z travel of 12.20" x 23.80"

Mazak Integrex 40 Turning/Milling Center w/12" chuck, 30 tool magazine, 22" swing, and 59" centers

Mazak Integrex 40 Turning/Milling Center w/15" chuck, 30 tool magazine, 22" swing, and 80" centers


MANUAL MILLS                 

Cincinnati Mill

(2) Bridgeport Knee Mills w/DRO



Hamilton 250 ton Press

Accupress Mechanical 135 ton Press/Brake (10')

(2) Hydraulic 25 ton presses



Niagara ¼" x 5' capacity Roll



(1) Marvel, PA-13/3 Heavy Duty Horizontal Saw with programmable control

(2) Marvel #8 Vertical Band Saws

(1) KYSOR/Johnson, HA-250 Horizontal Band Saw



Wysong ¼" x 10' Shear



(2) Parsetter 240 Tool Presetter W/Vacuum Spindle Option w/PJ150 Optical Projector



Brown & Sharp 7105 Coordinate Measuring Machine w/X-Y-Z travel of 29.5" x 41.5" x 19.7"

Giddings & Lewis RS-220 DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine w/X-Y-Z Travel of 48" x 120" x 40" w/X-Y-Z accuracy of .00028" x .00048" x.00024" with PC-DMIS software, maximum material width at 54" and maximum material height at 43"

Romer Absolute Arm Portable CMM – 6-Axis with 9.8 feet (3.0m) measuring range and PC-DMIS software

A full compliment of measuring devices



(1) Miller 400 Dual Feed Wire

(3) Lincoln DC-655 Dual Feed Wire

(1) Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Heli-Arc



75-ton Mubea Iron Worker

Fette Thread Rolling Heads w/6mm to 30mm and ¼" x 2-1/8" diameter thread capacity

Facilities for a wide range of Silver Soldering


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